• Large tool boxes: 5 year warranty
  • Road box and on-site tool boxes 1 year
  • Hand tools lubrication equipment, and sprayers: 1 year warranty
    • Indestructible Hammers (Striking tools)
  • Lift equipment: 1 year limited warranty
  • All other maintenance products consumables are covered by our standard Komatsu Maintenance Products warranty, which is 90 days, unless stated differently: i.e. gas cans, funnels, filter wrenches, gloves, first aid kits, tire gauges.
  • All chemicals come with date codes and carry a specified shelve life yet differ by Mfg. Please contact customer service within this category to further qualify.

Groz Hammers – Striking Tools

All hammers/striking tools carry a full 2 year warranty. These are designed to ensure the hammer handle will not break or separate from the hammer head under normal wear and tear. The warranty does not cover use of the hammer other than as a hand-held striking tool, nor to breakage, mushrooming, etc. of the hammer head. In the event it is determined that the product has been tampered with, or altered in any way, the warranty is void and all claims against the product will not be honored.