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Tire Sealant

  • MSDS:Link
  • PN:KM12200032 Tire Sealant, 32 oz Bottle
  • PN:KM12200182 Tire Sealant, 1-Gallon With Pump
  • PN:KM12200640 Tire Sealant, 5-Gallon
  • PN:KM12207040 Tire Sealant, 55-Gallon Drum
  • Simply the finest tire sealant in the world. Our high-quality sealant not only seals tread area punctures but also rim and bead leaks, weather cracking and porosity leaks
  • Seals hundreds of punctures up to 1/4" diameter
  • Totally homogeneous—no mixing, shaking or stirring is necessary; it has an indefinite shelf life and can be rinsed out of a tire with water if there is a need for section or boot patching
  • Remains fluid and effective in temperatures down to -45° F
  • Lasts the life of the tire tread
  • Easy installation is through the valve stem with the valve core removed and the tire deflated
  • Installation kits are included
  • Tire balance is not affected by sealant application
  • Made in the USA

Tire Sealant, 5-Gallon Pump

  • MSDS:Link
  • PN:KM1190516 Tire Sealant, 5-Gallon Pump
  • Prevents Flats in tread area 1/4", also larger punctures up to 1" in heavy ply tires
  • Formulated for Tube or Tubeless tires
  • Does not adversely affect balance, also helps to fine balance heavy duty truck tires.
  • Temperature range -45 to 240f
  • 100% water soluble for easy clean out for section or boot patching or tire retreading.
  • Multiple fiber lengths and materials.
  • Easy to install. All tools needed to install tire sealant are contained in each bottle cap.
  • Label directions and information is clear and accurate in English and French.
  • Non-explosive, non-combustible.
  • Vapors are non-hazardous.